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In NZ my main outlet is the Christchurch Arts Centre Craft Market. Because it is exclusively NZ handcrafted products, it is the finest market in the country.

Well, it was the finest until Christchurch was hit by a major earthquake in February 2011. Sadly the market no longer exists.

I also maintain a presence on TradeMe NZ and ETSY.

Fountain Pens

Bullet Pen Bullet pen Cap choices: A, B = rifle cartridge, C, D = Walnut, E, F, G, K =Deer antler, H, I, L = Camo acrylic, J = black with white pearlescent acrylic.

A rack of bullet pens.
All have standard refills. The three on the right are replica 30 cal bullet with a "Parker" style click refill. All the others have "Cross" style twist refills. The caps are either bullet, deer antler, acrylic camo, or walnut (from rifle butt). The clips are either rifle, fish, stags head, or rifle scope. The individual bullet pens in the photo above are NZ$73 each. Please specify which style when ordering. The system doesn't allow me to offer the "K and L" choices so you will have to email me for those. I can also supply caps with custom coloured caps and clips of your choice.
Please note that my bullet pens are different to most others offered for sale. The nibs of my pens are genuine rifle projectiles, while many others offered are manufactured pen nibs which were never intended to be fitted to bullets. Mine are the "real McCoy" and consequently look much better and are authentic!

Drop me an email to enquire about price and shipping. Make words, not war. Bullet pen


Bullet type


50 Cal

50 cal Bullet pens.
Made from spent 50 cal shell. Includes a twist mechanism "Cross" style refill. Stands upright on desk and makes it's presence felt. It is about the same length as a standard ballpoint pen, but twice the thickness. It is very well ballanced and is comfortable to write with. These pens are now a collectors item as the projectiles are no longer available for export from USA. Future batches will have custom made profectiles (not the real McCoy). I still have a few original projectiles in stock for the early birds. Cost is NZ$99.



Mag 300

Magnum 300 cartridge pen.
It has a double twist mechanism Parker refill. The cap is deer antler. The inset picture shows a size comparison with the smaller calibre (30-06) pen. NZ$71.




A 30 cal bullet with a window which reveals the walnut insert. Twist mechanism with Cross refill. NZ$69




Key ring
A Magnum 300 twist mechaism. Cross refill pen on key ring. Pen detaches. NZ$58.



Fountain pens

A Magnum 300 fountain pen with deer antler cap and rifle clip. Takes a Waterman cartridge or converter (bottled ink). NZ$88.


Bullet replica

Replica Bullet Pen.This item is no longer produced.

A satisfied customer said "Thanks Denis. It is a truly beautiful pen, just gorgeous and so well made. I've never seen one like it and with the deer antler and rifle cartridge you have made something that my hunting partner will just treasure."

The Pen is mightier than the bullet!!